Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Mini Primark Haul

It's been a while since a had a spending spree in Primark so Saturday I tagged along with my sister for little shopping trip and got some great buys. Now, I know summer is trying to get all up in my grill again (no summer I don't want you, you had your chance, I've bought knitwear now and I plan to wear it.. Pfft!) but still there is a little chill, especially in the morning, so these fine knit jumpers are great! 

What I bought 

These fab sweaters. High neck and V neck- both £6! I already have a couple of the high neck ones from last year in a few colours and they have brought them out again and they look great. 

This gorgeous bag was only £5- yep a fiver you read that right. In the sale down from £10 as its part of the summer bag collection, but for me, is an any weather kind of bag. Very pretty and looks great with all outfits! 

I have done a post before about how I'm loving these dainty bracelets and necklaces and this set is perfect for layering without it becoming too heavy or annoying. Only £2 for all eight- total barg! 

Love this make up bag. I'm pretty rubbish at updating make up bags and keeping my brushes clean etc but when they look this good how can I not purchase. I may even get away with it as a clutch ;) 

So there you have it, a little sneak into my shopping bags, I mustn't leave my primark trips so far between. Sorry I have been so lazy with the blog posts this past week, I have been up to my eyeballs in Fins birthday plans but have good few posts lined up so keep a look out. 

Have a great rest of the week :) 


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