Tuesday, 8 September 2015

The Jeans Edit

Ok so I don't know about you but I find it incredibly hard to find the perfect pair of jeans so I tend to keep the same ones for months, possibly years, til they're vertually walking off of my body! Recently I've been in the predicament of needing new jeans- I could not avoid it much longer and found it not quite as tedious as I'd anticipated.

So on that note here are some of my favourite picks. 


Skinny jeans are my ultimate choice of Jean. I remember when they came back from the 80's around a decade ago and trying on my first pair in Topshop and I never looked back. I actually don't know what I was wearing before skinnys?! 

Top left- ASOS • Top right- Topshop • Bottom left- New look • Bottom right- ASOS

Or you could go for the ripped skinny. 

Top left- Topshop • Top right- Topshop • Bottom left- New Look • Bottom right- Missguided

I bought these skinnys (well actually jeggings) from Next last week and they're fab. They look exactly like jeans except they're an elasticated waist, I know very sexy but no one can tell with a top over the top and they're so comfy which is great as we all know skinny jeans can be a bit restricting at times but not these. 

From Next also available in lots of colours. These are a bit of a washed black effect which I like. 

Boyfriend Jeans 

I absolutely love the look of the boyfriend jeans especially on very casual days with a basic tee, Breton or sweater and even for dressed up occasions with cami and blazer with strappy heels- but I've yet to try them, as I said I am very dedicated to my skinnys and worry they won't suit me but they're definatley on my list of items to try. Pics to follow of course ;) 

Top left- Topshop • Top right- Whistles at ASOS • Bottom left- Missguided • Bottom right- Topshop

Loving the ripped Topshop ones, they might have to be my guinea pigs :) 

Flared/wide leg Jeans 

I'm really loving this 70's vibe we have coming back. As I've stated before I'm a huge fan of boho and these flared and wide leg jeans are perfect for that style. 

Top left- Topshop • Top right- ASOS • Bottom right- New look • Bottom right- River Island at ASOS

Such a great style and can be worn with all different tops and shoes. They tend to be high waisted so perfect for tucking in a Tshirt, shirt or blouse with a jacket thrown over the top. Another look I am in certain need to try! 

So there we have the Jeans Edit. Hope that's helped a little with all the chore that is jean shopping. 

Thanks for reading- have a great week! 



  1. Fab post, thank you. I struggle with jeans, even more so as I had my baby 8 weeks ago. I'm going to check out those jeggings from next, so thank you! x

  2. Great. Hope you find the right pair :) x