Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Autumn/Winter Wedding inspiration

This time last year I was going through the dilemma of searching for an outfit to wear to my friends December wedding and I found it quite difficult to say the least. The amount of screenshots of dresses that were sent between our girls group chat was ridiculous and yet there were still NO dresses! So, If you have an Autumn/winter wedding coming up its important to start early I think to save all the faffing and stressing closer to the date (like me last year) however,  there is lots to choose from this year and I kinda wish I was going to a wedding but as I'm not I'll pass my outfit ideas on ;)

This was me last year after I finally got my act together and bought a simple black jumper dress from Warehouse with lace underlay, fur stole from Miss Selfridge, Hatinator from eBay and the amazing Dune Breanna shoes in black (still available- link below) 
I love how black has become acceptable to wear to weddings now as it's so classy and easy to work with especially when adding accessories like this. I also wore a camel coat over the top. Anyway that's enough about last year, let's sort out this year. 

Option 1 

Dress- ASOS • Shoes- Dune • Fur stole- Reiss

Totally loving this dress, especially the sleeves it would be perfect for me as I'm a little weird about showing the tops of my arms plus the colour is beautiful. Oh and that stole- need I say more?! I had the shoes last year and they really are show stoppers, I had a lot of compliments on them and they lasted the entire day without killing- excellent shoe game there! 

Option 2 

Dress- ASOS • Shoes- Missguided • Bag- ASOS

This dress is gorgeous and very vintage Glam. I love navy for weddings and this would look perfect with a cropped, fitted, white blazer preferably collarless so it doesn't take away from the fitted top part of the dress. Shoes also fringetastic and we know how I love a fringe and bag also fab! I'm finding this outfit very Carrie Bradshaw' esque! 

Option 3 

Dress- ASOS • Shoes- Dune • Hatinator-  Accessorize

Another Navy dress, however going a little sexier with this one with the high neck and slit front. Dune Breanna's again but in nude and in the SALE! Topped off with this lovely Hatinator, also would look lovely with a cream or white one. 

Option 4 

Jumpsuit- Topshop • Jacket- Zara • Shoes- Office

I love a good jumpsuit look at a wedding and this smart black belted one is perfect as its smart and classy and can be worn many times. Gorgeous jacket from Monsoon really tops of this plain look and is so pretty :). And the shoes, oh the shoes... Such a classy court shoe and great colour for Autumn/winter breaks up the black a bit too. Also available in black. 

Option 5 

Suit- Topshop • Hat- John Lewis • Bag- New Look

When I was searching last year my initial thought was that I wanted a suit. I love a bit of tailoring so thought a wedding would be perfect for it. However, I couldn't find the right one but this would have been it. Wear with simple cream Cami tucked into trousers and possibly the Black Dune Breanna's- very sophisticated chic! 

Option 6

Coat- Miss Selfridge • Dress- ASOS

Now we're really are getting a little bit sexy. How stunning is this strappy lace dress from ASOS. It really is a show stopper and if you feel confident enough in your figure then why the hell not. Wear with this fur collared coat from Miss Selfridge to add that extra bit of sass. Also would look great fitted black blazer and black strappy sandals. Dress has limited sizes so be quick if you're feeling it.

That's the last of the outfit options but here are a few more bags and shoes you might prefer. 

Top left- ASOS • Top right- Dorothy Perkins • Bottom left- New Look • Bottom right- Accessorize

Top left- ASOS • Top right- ASOS • Bottom left- Dorothy Perkins • Bottom right- Missguided

So there we have it, a few options there if you have been struggling to find the right look. A lot of the items are great for the Christmas party season too! Now I need to find a wedding to crash :) 

Thanks for reading! 


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