Monday, 18 January 2016

Blue Monday- January Topshop Wish List

As its Blue Monday aka "The most depressing day of the year" I've done a little Topshop Wishlist/pick-me-up for the January blues.

Jumper- click here • Jacket- click here • Top- click here • Jeans- click here

Absolutely love the jumper from the Boutique range. So fluffy and warm looking and obvs loving the stripes. The blouse is so pretty, I'm a huge fan of the floaty White blouse especially with the flared bottom to hide the lumpy bits (so that sounds gross but you know what I mean) great with some skinnys and a strappy sandal or some pointed court shoes and a nice clutch bag for an evening look. Lastly the jeans, I'm desperate for some new ripped blue jeans hense why they're on the wishlist, can't beat Topshop Jamie's. 

Bag- Click here • Scarf- click here • Hat- click here • Necklace- click here

A few accessories to see away the January blues. This style bag is so hot right now as it very much resembles the Chloe Faye bag just not quite the same price tag. Loving the colour of the supersize scarf, I have the grey and it's the perfect little scarf to accessorise with and to keep you warm. I'm in need of a new fedora too as I've had mine in, like, forever!!! I'm quite fancying a bit of a navy one and this one is gorge! 


The shearling coat is big right now too and quite frankly with this cold whether I'm finding myself very drawn to them. 

Images from Pinterest. 

Some super gorgeous looks here. I remember my Mom having a huge leather one in the 90's which I always tried on (it was so heavy) but I was always eyeing it up. 

Topshop have this great one. 

Definitely loving a bit of the "Del Boy" look myself ;) 

Click here to shop. 

So there's a little wishlist of mine. Some lovely items to see anyone through January. Also, I've just realised that this is my 200th blogpost- woah! Thanks to those who take the time to come over to my little space :) 

I hope your Monday hasn't been to blue. Thanks for reading! 

Jo x 

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