Thursday, 14 January 2016

Boys sale buys

A little post about little ones. I recently got Finlay (my 7 year old) some lovely stuff in the Zara sale. He's growing so much so sale stuff is always good and tbf we all love a Zara sale right? Whether it's for us or the kids.

Top left- click here • Top right- click here • Bottom left- click here • Hat- click here

Some good deals for some cool styling. Particularly loving the roll neck and here it is on my handsome dude. 

 I have just come to realise that literally as I was about to post this, it's sold out :(

However this one is still available... 
Also from Zara now £7.99 from £19.99!

While I'm talking about knitwear (the snow is meant to be coming FYI) here are a couple of others I spotted Also in he sale. 
Left now £19.80 from £33- Boden • Right now £12 from £18- John Lewis

Boden also have these gorgeous winter essentials currently in the sale. Loving the desert boots- great deals!

Brown boots now £24 from £40- click here • Gloves now £4 from £10- click here • Wellies now £9.60 from £24- click here • Green boots now £24 from £40- click here

Now for my other little one, he had this parka coat from River Island about a month ago and it's super cute and cool not to mention warm. 
It's not available on the actual River island website anymore but is on Very and in the sale! 

Loves a pose this one. Most definitely one of my favourite coats the boys have ever had and you know how I love my coats. 
Get it here from Very

Some other great Parka's I spotted in the sale. 

Left- Mango at John Lewis • Right- John Lewis

So there's just a few bits I've bought for the kids to keep them snug during this current freeze fest. I don't like to buy too much at a time anymore as they wont stop bloody growing *cries*.

Thanks for reading, hope you're having a good week!

Jo x 

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