Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Sporty Streetstyle

Sporty Streetstyle (which is what I'm calling it) is all about re styling sportswear and not just wearing it to the gym. It's about teaming it with your jeans, smart coats, skirts, heels etc. A bit of an edgy look but it really works and is so on trend right now.

 So trainers aside were going for the actual sports clothes now. 

Images from Pinterest. 

A lot of Adidas love going down here which brings me to my recent purchase of this Adidas sweatshirt. 

Available from Very. I completely love it and loved styling it with my coat jeans and boots as I have below. 

Get the look 

So here are some more sports tops to choose from to take us back to the nineties for sure. 

Top left- Very • Top right- Urban Outfitters • Bottom left- ASOS • Bottom right- Topshop

And why not try a retro jacket. 

Puma jacket- ASOS • Adidas jacket- Topshop

So there we have some cool, versatile items. We can now wear our sportswear instead of feeling guilty about not wearing it while we're avoiding the gym- win! ;) 

Thanks for reading! 

Jo X 

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