Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Top jewellery picks

Talking jewellery in this post. I've recently bought some cute little necklaces so I'm bringing you some of my top picks.
I'm not much of a jewellery wearer but I feel I am more of one when in the spring/summer and it's usually a dainty necklace or the odd ring, nothing too crazy- less is more and all that. And I don't remember the last time I wore earrings, in fact my holes are probs closed. 

Images via Pinterest. 

This is one of my recent buys from Topshop but unfortunately I can't find it on the website so have done my best to find some similar pieces (below). 

Alphabet and personalised jewellery is very on trend right now and so when I spotted this "Jo" bracelet in a little London souvenir shop I had to buy it. Animal and insect  pendants are also on trend and v pretty. Love this cute elephant necklace I got in Topshop, get it here

So, here are some of my top picks. 


Top left- New Look at ASOS • Top right- H&M • Bottom left- Lipsy at ASOS • Bottom right- Topshop. 

Top- Notonthehighstreet • Bottom- Missoma


Top left- New look at ASOS • Top right- H&M • Bottom left- H&M • Bottom right- Missoma


Top left- Topshop • Top right- ASOS • Bottom left- ASOS • Bottom right- H&M

There we have it, a bit of bling. Not too much but the style that I like and great for everyday wear.

Thanks for reading, I hope you've all had a lovely Easter :) 

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Lace Love

White and Lace are one of my fave wardrobe combos. I love a white lace blouse or dress in the spring/summer and so, as its (meant to be) Spring the lace is back on the rails in all it's pretty and clean glory.

Image via Pinterest. 

The brand Self Portrait is very strong right now with all their lace and cut out patterned blouses and dresses (as above) I can see why they are selling out! 

Get the look 

So here are some of my top lace picks. 

Top left- Zara • Top right- Self Portait at Matches Fashion • Bottom left- Warehouse • Bottom right- ASOS sale. 

Left- H&M • Right- &Otherstories

When I was in London last weekend I went into Dahlia in Carnaby and tried on a few things including this lace number. 

I love this look with the pinafore dress. They also had some amazing dungaree style cullotes which would have looked fab with this too. 

All from Dahlia. Left dress- click here • Top right- click here • Bottom right- click here

I would team all team these with a leather biker jacket jeans and ankle boots or with dungarees/a pinafore dress for casual. And tucked into a high wasted skirt or some high wasted culottes and strappy heels for a dressed up look. 

While we're on this theme, how lovely is the white lace insert dress from Topshop?! Most definitely on my wishlist for summer. Also would look great with a biker jacket and boots but with some tan or black flat gladiator sandals you have the perfect summer look! 

From Topshop

So there we have it- Lacey loveliness. Hope it's inspired the inner Victorian in you ;) 

Thanks for reading, hope you're having a great Easter and bank holiday weekend. 

Ps. Don't forget that I love to hear your comments and feedback :) 

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

My 30th Birthday weekend

So last Friday was the big 3 0- yep I turned 30, which meant I needed to celebrate in style. I went on an over night stay with my girlfriends in London to do very girly things.
I love London and try to go a few times a year to get my LDN fix, so many cool places and things to do starting with an afternoon tea at Sketch. This place first came to my attention on Instagram and since I saw that fabulous pink room I've wanted to go. It did not dissapoint. 

The gallery where the afternoon is held.

Amazing selection of sandwiches including salmon and cream cheese, quail egg and coronation chicken among others. 

Cocktails in the bar before the food went down well. A great selection of drinks and such a vibrant and quirky space to enjoy them. 

What I wore 

Not the best pic quality but here's what I wore. White shirt, checked coat, black skinnys and flat boots for a smart casual look, which I topped of with my fedora hat. You can wear anything to Sketch really, there were plenty of dressed up and very dressed down people. 

Get the look 

Coat- Mango (exact) • Shirt- Topshop • Boots (exact)- Warehouse at ASOS • Jeans (exact)- Levi's at Very

Hat- Topshop • Bag- ASOS. 

I also wore this outfit the following day but swapped a few things around. Changed the shirt for a white tee, the fedora for a beanie and the boots for my trusty new balance and you have a cool casual look for super comfort. 

Tshirt- H&M • Hat- ASOS • Trainers- New balance at Office

The Evening 

So for the evening we decided on a bit of glamour as I don't get to do glam very often with two young children obvs! We chose Quaglinos in Mayfair. None of us had been there before but live music, food and dancing was exactly what I wanted. And again it didn't dissapoint, food was on point as were the drinks and the band. Good times! 

What I wore 

After much deliberation and help from my insta followers I decided on a blouse and leather skirt combo. 

Lipstick- Kate moss for Rimmel. I don't usually go for a bold lip but I tried it out and it finished off my outfit perfectly. 

I love a pretty lace, frilly or smart blouse teamed with a leather skirt to add edge. 

Get the look 

Blouse (exact)- Zara • Leather skirt- Mango at ASOS • Shoes (exact)- Public Desire • Bag (exact)- Zara

So there we have it, a mini run down of the weekend shenanigans and I'm ready to take on my 30's. Thanks for all my birthday wishes, I loved them all! 

Thanks for reading :) 

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Weekend lunch style

So it seems we are getting the odd few sunny days lately- woohoo! So the outfit are changing ever so slightly from jumpers to shirts and blouses *thumbs up*. As I was out at a rare lunch with friends on Saturday and the sun was shining I thought I'd share my Saturday lunch style with you.

Stripes are quite often the way with my and I LOVE a vertical candy stripe shirt, such a fresh, clean look and casual yet smart. An all rounder really. Definitely a wardrobe essential and there are plenty about on the high street lately. Team with jeans and boots and when even warmer and tan sandal with white jeans for a change or tucked into a pleated skirt. A perfect lunch date style! 

Images via Pinterest. 

Get the look 

Some of my items are from previous seasons but I found similar for you  (don't say I never do anything for you ;)) 

Coat (exact- I have taken the fur off)- Dorothy Perkins • Shirt (exact)- Zara • Jeans- Topshop • Boots- Office

Now I know I'm not wearing buckle boots but couldn't resist these! 

Nail polish- Rebel colour at Mac • Sunglasses- Topshop • Bag- Zara

So there we have a quick and easy Saturday lunch style. Some great items that can be worn with many outfits, through many weather changes. 

Hope you liked my posts, I'd love to hear your comments and hope you're having a great week! 

Thanks for reading :) 

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Folk style inspiration

This post is all a little bit Folksy and a little bit country. I've always loved a bit of folk fashion; embroidered tops and dresses and anything smock styled and over sized is a winner for me. So as its very on trend right now and I'm seeing a lot of pieces/items on the highstreet I thought I'd share some of my top picks and looks.

Images via Pinerest. 

Mango are great for this style. So many great dresses and blouses to achieve the country chic look. 

Top left- click here • Top right- click here • Bottom left- click here • Bottom right- click here

Top left- ASOS • Top right- Boohoo at ASOS • Bottom left- Zara • Bottom right-Zara

Left dress- ASOS • Right dress- ASOS

Left- ASOS • Right- ASOS


Top right- Mango • Top right- ASOS • Bottom left- Zara

Left- Wonder and Weaver • Right- Zara


Top left- Zara • Top right- Mango • Bottom left- Zara • Bottom right- Zara

I bought this one yesterday also from Zara. Can't wait to wear it when it warms up with blue ripped jeans and tan sandals. The dresses would work great with lace up flat sandals too. 

So there are my top folk style picks. Looking forward to summer to really work the trend in some of the dresses. Particularly loving the black and red from ASOS. Keep an eye out for more styling and a follow up post :) 

Thanks for reading. Hope you've had a great week! 

Friday, 4 March 2016

Hello March!

Firstly, hello March! It's a good month for me as its Mother's Day and my Birthday- double wins for me :). However I'm sure we all feel the same about this bloody cold weather, it's making me feel rather glum as I'm so ready for spring and really want to up my wardrobe a little and lose my woolly hats and scarves (as much as I love them) and put on a floaty blouse and mayyyybe even some sandals (wishful thinking I know). But anyway as its not changing anytime soon, I may aswell continue sharing my current style so here is an outfit from the weekend.

Most of this look is old but the Breton is current ASOS stock and I love it (obvs!). Burgundy stripes this time so adds a little bit of colour rather than the usual navy and white. 

A closer look. Add a pair of statement sunglasses to an otherwise plain'ish outfit  to dress it up a little. 

Get the look 

As I said most of my outfit is old so here's some very similar items.

Coat- Zara • Top- ASOS (exact) • Boots-ASOS • Jeans- Topshop

Sunglasses- ASOS • Bag- ASOS

Yes so mostly ASOS items, great if you have the unlimited next day delivery! 

Thanks for reading guys and I hope you all have a lovely Mother's Day whatever you're doing :)