Thursday, 10 March 2016

Folk style inspiration

This post is all a little bit Folksy and a little bit country. I've always loved a bit of folk fashion; embroidered tops and dresses and anything smock styled and over sized is a winner for me. So as its very on trend right now and I'm seeing a lot of pieces/items on the highstreet I thought I'd share some of my top picks and looks.

Images via Pinerest. 

Mango are great for this style. So many great dresses and blouses to achieve the country chic look. 

Top left- click here • Top right- click here • Bottom left- click here • Bottom right- click here

Top left- ASOS • Top right- Boohoo at ASOS • Bottom left- Zara • Bottom right-Zara

Left dress- ASOS • Right dress- ASOS

Left- ASOS • Right- ASOS


Top right- Mango • Top right- ASOS • Bottom left- Zara

Left- Wonder and Weaver • Right- Zara


Top left- Zara • Top right- Mango • Bottom left- Zara • Bottom right- Zara

I bought this one yesterday also from Zara. Can't wait to wear it when it warms up with blue ripped jeans and tan sandals. The dresses would work great with lace up flat sandals too. 

So there are my top folk style picks. Looking forward to summer to really work the trend in some of the dresses. Particularly loving the black and red from ASOS. Keep an eye out for more styling and a follow up post :) 

Thanks for reading. Hope you've had a great week! 


  1. Thanks for the tip! Those sandals are indeed cool!
    xx Rena
    black sandals

  2. This sounds so lovely. The Hermina fragrance sounds exactly like my style.
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