Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Archive by Alexa- My top picks

Exciting times today as the launch of Alexa Chung's range for Marks and Spencer's. Alexa has got to be one of this generations top fashion icons- well, she is for me, ever since I first saw her "Popworld" on channel 4 she has been inspiring me with her unique and effortless style and now you can get her own designs straight from Marks'.

There is a fab mix of trends from different decades from the 40's, to the 70's right through to the noughties and all at a reasonable price. 

So here are my fave picks. 

Trench coat- click here • The Harry dress- click here • The Harry blouse- click here • Jumper- click here

The Eliza dress- click here • The Misty dress- click here. 

It's a 31 piece collection but I've narrowed it down to the top 6 items that I could see myself wearing. I've heard some things about sizing so I would personally prefer a trip to store to try some (everything) on. 

There we have it. Get it while you can as I believe it's selling pretty fast. I am trying to be good and not buy too much as we are moving house and need to put my money on furniture and not fashion *cries* but hoping to get down to the store for a little fashion parade. Maybe I'll sneak the Harry blouse in ;) 

Thanks for reading guys! 

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