Sunday, 17 April 2016

Shacket vibes

The shirt jacket's aka "Shacket's" are back out in full swing again this spring. I've dusted mine off this weekend when the sun came out a little and I still love wearing it. Such a laid back, cool style to wear.
Images via Pinterest. 

As shown here by these gorgeous ladies, the Shacket looks great with a simple tee and jeans yet still giving plenty of style. 

Or you could do an Olivia Palermo and wear with a Poloneck and some leather, a look I wouldn't have thought would look so well with a khaki jacket. 

Image via Pinterest. 

I had this one last year from Topshop but are plenty more on the highstreet to pick from. Wearing it with white T-shirt but I also love it with a breton or a grey sweatshirt. 

Top picks

So, here are some of my top Shacket and khaki jacket picks!  

Top left- Topshop • Top right- Topshop • 
Bottom left- Zara • Bottom right- Zara

Left- Matalan • Right- Warehouse at ASOS

There we have it, a cool and easy style and most definitely a wardrobe essential. 

Thanks for reading, hope you had a great weekend! 

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