Saturday, 13 August 2016

It's ok to "Take a break"...

I have decided to take a little break from my blog for a short while as I deal with some personal issues.

 I recently separated from my husband and am trying to figure a few things out so consequently I'm not feeling great at the moment which has lead to me not feeling very inspired or inspirational. I'm sure some of you will get this. I'm basically moping a bit, you know how it is! 

I don't usually divulge too much of my personal life on my blog as it is predominantly a fashion blog but I just felt I needed to speak and sometimes that's ok right?!  I may even remove this post afterwards as it's taken me a lot to write this; lots of "shall I? Shan't I?" but right now this is how I'm feeling so I'm putting it on you readers as, even though I don't know you personally, I like this little space I have to talk to people who don't know all about my 'real' life nor will judge me... plus you are all really lovely :) 

So yeh, that's my shit, we all have our own shit to deal with and this is my current shit. That and the lack of usage in my one hand and the discomfort it's causing is dragging me down even further. I JUST WANT TO USE BOTH OF MY HANDS SO I CAN APPLY MY FAKE TAN EVENLY!!!!! (First world problems). 

I know I only blog once a week at the moment anyway and I'm hoping when I come back I will be bringing more. I will still be boring you on Instagram no doubt ;)  I may even be back here in a couple of weeks but all I know is that I need to build myself back up a little before I continue to try and inspire. 

Thanks for reading and for your continued support. Be back soon! X 


  1. Always like reading your blog. Hope you get some head space and feel in a better place soon x

  2. Hope you can benefit from the break and find yourself in a better place soon. At the end of every tunnel there's a wee glimmer of light. Love your insta posts so keep us inspired there- you're a natural with tons of style!