Thursday, 22 December 2016

A Christmas message

I just wanted to write a quick Christmas message to you all as I'm signing off from the blog until after Christmas.

I' hope you all get everything that you wish for but most of all I'd like to wish you all happiness and health. It's a bit of a cliche but it's something I am wishing for for myself and my family as this year has been very tough and I've learnt so much about what's important and these two things are everything! Christmas can be a very difficult time for some and I've found it hard to look forward to this year but as long as I have my boys and my family beside me I know it will be just fine.

So, eat, drink and be merry. Play the games, eat all the cheese, watch the Christmas movies you've seen 1000+ times, laugh and love hard and most of all just have a nice time.

Thank you for your continued support and all round loveliness. See you on the other side! 

Monday, 12 December 2016

The gift edit

I have some lovely gifts for you all, ok well not actual gifts but ideas. This edit is for the ladies, whether it's your Mom, sister, friend, daughter, wife or even if you want to send your husbands/boyfs over here to get some inspo and possibly save you from going to over heated, busy and hellish shopping centres.. as much as I love to shop I would 1000000% much rather do my Christmas shopping online!

Yep- Bette knows!

So here goes...

Night shirt - ASOS // Make up bag- Next // Mug- H&M // Slippers- Topshop.

Jumper- Hush // Bag- Zara // Scarf- Zara // Book- ASOS

Jumper- Mango // Bag- Mango // Book- Amazon // Watch- Olivia Burton.

Pyjamas- Topshop // Robe- Topshop // Candle- The White Company

Diary- Paperchase // Jumper- H&M // Scarf- Hush // Perfume- Selfridges.

Failing that, you can always create your own little gift box with some stocking fillers in for extra thoughtfulness. I got this one from TKmaxx, they have a huge selection of beautiful boxes to choose from, however you will have to go in store *rolls eyes* but it is worth it :)

So, there you go. Its not massive list but just a few ideas out there and a bit of a guide if you are struggling and hopefully one of these gifts will make someone smile. 


I have been absent on my blog lately as most of my focus has been on my new little venture; My childrens interior shop where I make some of my own things and sell some other cute stuff too. Its early days but please pop over and give me a follow on Instagram or like on Facebook @ Mr Jister (that can be your gift to me ;)

Thanks for reading peeps. Have a good week! x

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Festive jumpers

Firstly, Yay for December!!! 

Christmas is in full swing and so it's time to dig out the festive jumpers or better still get a new one! Christmas jumpers are no longer for the crazy Uncle of the family who turns up on Christmas Day with a a a flashing Rudolph jumper (ok, may that just happens in films) or for awful presents that great Aunties who barely know you buy for you. Nope, in recent years they have taken over the high street as soon as November hits and to be honest I love it but I do bloody love Christmas!

Here are some of my crimbo jumper top picks!

Top picks 

Top left- Warehouse // Top right- ASOS // Bottom left- Matalan // Bottom right- Dorothy Perkins.

Top left- Topshop // Top right- Zara // Bottom left- Dorothy Perkins // Bottom right- Next.

Top Left- Dorothy Perkins // Top right- Stradivarius // Bottom left- Dorothy Perkins // Bottom right- Topshop.

So there is some novelty inspo. These look fab with many styles be it jeans or skirt with tights and boots for day time festivities or dress them up with a sequinned skirt or metallic pleated skirt with some strappy heels for much needed Christmas Prosecco times. Either way, you can get your wear out of it and theres no better time to have some fun with fashion!

Thanks for reading! x