Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Fancy sleeves

If there's one thing I have come to love more and more of over the seasons, it's fancy sleeves. Flared, ruffled, pleated you name it. As impractical as they can be, I just love a fancy schmansy sleeve and they so on trend right now.

Images from Pinterest.

I jumped on the huge bandwagon here with this Marks and Sparks jumper. Its understandable that this is selling out because it really is a gorge jumper, also in pink which is equally as nice.  I think I'll stick with wearing it with jeans- high waisted so it can be tucked, possibly even dungarees! 

M&S click here

*Trick* If you have quite big hands like I do , big statement sleeves help to deflect away from the french fry fingers.... Ok not so much a trick, more of a fact ;)

Top Picks

Here are some of top sleevey picks from the high street.

Jumper- M&S (above) // Top right- Zara // Bottom left- Very // Bottom right- Matalan.

Top left- Mango // Top right- Zara // Bottom left- Warehouse // Bottom right- New look.

Top left- Zara // Top right- Mango // Bottom left- Dorothy Perkins // Bottom right- Topshop.

All from &Other Stories; Left- here // Top right- here (can't find the link :(  // Bottom right- here.

So yes, big fan of the big sleeves. Not too practical when eating a meal I will say but great to add a little something under a jacket or coat if you pull the sleeves out. Such an easy way to "fancy" up an outfit. 

Thanks for reading- My blog posts are a little inconsistent ATM because my focus is a little off but will be blogging as and when I can because I really do love it and love all your comments so please don't stop reading! Much Love! x 

Saturday, 14 January 2017

All black everything

Just lately I've been finding myself wearing a lot of black. Maybe it's the January feels or just that I'm feeling black right now. I think we panic when we wear too much black and worry that's its too funeral like but really black is the chicest colour and we all look good in black don't we?

And no one does black on black on black quite like Queen Kate! 

Here are some other ways to style the look.

All images from Pinterest. 

*TIP*  If you want to break up a little of the black you can do it in  a subtle way with maybe a different colour pair of sunnies or add a bag with a gold chain or maybe a neckerchief.

Here is some of my own styling.

Get the look

Most of my outfit items are old so here are my top picks to achieve this look right here!

Jumper- H&M // Jeans- ASOS // Coat- Topshop // Boots- Office 

Jumper- H&M // Bag- Mango // Coat- H&M // Shoes- Dune.

Jumper- New Look // Belt- ASOS // Scarf- Topshop // Tshirt- H&M.

Blazer- New Look // Hat- ASOS // Sunglasses- ASOS // Jumper- Zara

So there you have (hopefully) some top tips and items to help you to achieve a chic black outfit without looking to funeral like or goth'ish.

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Late sale picks

Yes I know I'm very late to the party with this but as I didn't do it at the start of the month I am bringing you my sale picks now as there are still plenty going and  little barg might shift some of those January blues!

Top left- here // Top right- here // Bottom left- here // Bottom right- here.


Coat- here // shoes- here // Boots- here // Skirt- here.

New Look

left coat- here // Top right coat- here // Jumper- here 

Boots- here // Top right heels- here // Bottom left- here // Flat shoes- here 

&Other Stories

Shirt dress- here // Jumper- here // Shirt- here // Boots- here


Jumper- here // Coat- here // Skirt- here // Boots- here 

So, there we are. Still some bargains to pick from. A quite a lot of good pieces there. I going to but the New Look scrappy flats right now!
A short post tonight but i do have more lined up. Bloggers block be gone!

ps. Sorry I can't find all of the links :(

Thanks for reading! 


Sunday, 8 January 2017


I'm back tonight after what I'd like to call a little "Bloggers block". Does anyone else get this? It was frightening, I thought I'd never blog again... Ok a little dramatic, but I did worry a bit. Anyway, I'm here to bring you some of my new things. Most of them were Christmas pressies and are quite the wardrobe "essential" in my opinion.  Then again I justify everything I buy by saying that :)

So, here we are....


If you don't get a new pair of Pj's for Christmas, have you even had a Christmas? I had these from my sister from Topshop. They are very glam and I love them, so much so that I feel that I could get away with them on a night out, no?

Unfortunately they're no longer available.


Next up is the budget watch. Most of us have a "special" watch but if you're anything like me I'm scared to wear it lol! Silly I know but if you fancy a cheaper everyday watch then I had this little stocking filler from New Look. I love the navy and gold combo. 

Red Bag 

Ive always been a fan of a red bag but even more a fan of a red bag with croc effect and gold chain! Like this one from Next. A red bag may be considered as a glam evening bag but its most definitley not just for that and can be worn casually too as below.

This exact bag is no longer but there are some other red bag options here, here and here.

Images from Pinterest.

The Puffa

The puffa is so on trend right now. It was mostly considered a "Mom coat" due to its warmth, waterproof and super casual. But I like Mom coats and I love sporty style and the puffa has now become very versatile. This one was from Stradivarius sale. However it is sold out so there are some similar styles here and here.

Green scarf/Grey jumper 

A green scarf and grey jumper makes for a lovely combo. Also both with other items too. A simple grey sweater can go a long way and I was in need of a new one so picked this one up at H&M.

Scarf also a fave from Topshop

Images from Pinterest.

So there we have it, I've pushed through the Bloggers Block with a simple post and will be back with more now that I've broken the seal! 

Thanks for reading!


Sunday, 1 January 2017

New year, New Me?

Happy New Year one and all! I'm glad to be back after quite a break, and relieved to almost be back to normality. I hope you all had a lovely time with your loved ones.
So, with that being over,  it's time to set some New goals. What better time is there to start? I'm
Not going to start with the whole "New year, new me" type cliches. This is more about little ways in which  to improve and be kinder to myself.

Less negativity

My god this is important. I have already been trying to live by this recently anyway so it's not exactly a new goal but one I want to continue with. Cut out as much negative as possible whether that be people or general things, places or anything that brings negative vibes to your life. Don't get me wrong, it's ok to be negative sometimes but when it's constant it's got to go. So for me, one of first steps to less negativity in to get rid of Facebook; I use social media mostly for inspiration and good vibes and Facebook does not bring me that so once I have figured out how to delete without losing my buisness page, it's going! 


When I want to scream, take a step back and breathe. I've lost my cool quite a bit and it doesn't help at all, in fact it makes things much worse. So remaining calm and taking a second to breathe And relax is a must.


Stay focused- don't go off track. Focus on business, motherhood, friendship and anything else that brings happiness. Keep the eyes on the prize.

Be more green

No I'm not turning veggie or becoming and gardener or anything drastic, I just need more greengage in my life. So if that just adding extra veg to my meals and  switching to the odd green tea then it's better than nothing. And to add to that- walk more. I do walk the school runs because it's not worth driving as I live so close. I mean proper fresh walks. Possibly pick up a coffee and some non green cake on the way will give me more of an incentive to go. I just don't have that excercise bug that many people do.  I don't have it and fed up of trying to force it and failing so this will have to do ;) 

Think less

I over think way too much which I know a lot of people do but to the point that it keeps me awake at night sometimes. So I will try to worry less about the silly things and shake them off and when I can feel it happening, as I said above BREATHE and reboot cus ain't nobody got that kinda time to waste.

So that about rounds it up. They're not major changes but just little steps to keep things going forward and to make 2017 a better one!

Happy new year to you and all of your families!