Thursday, 12 January 2017

Late sale picks

Yes I know I'm very late to the party with this but as I didn't do it at the start of the month I am bringing you my sale picks now as there are still plenty going and  little barg might shift some of those January blues!

Top left- here // Top right- here // Bottom left- here // Bottom right- here.


Coat- here // shoes- here // Boots- here // Skirt- here.

New Look

left coat- here // Top right coat- here // Jumper- here 

Boots- here // Top right heels- here // Bottom left- here // Flat shoes- here 

&Other Stories

Shirt dress- here // Jumper- here // Shirt- here // Boots- here


Jumper- here // Coat- here // Skirt- here // Boots- here 

So, there we are. Still some bargains to pick from. A quite a lot of good pieces there. I going to but the New Look scrappy flats right now!
A short post tonight but i do have more lined up. Bloggers block be gone!

ps. Sorry I can't find all of the links :(

Thanks for reading! 


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