Sunday, 1 January 2017

New year, New Me?

Happy New Year one and all! I'm glad to be back after quite a break, and relieved to almost be back to normality. I hope you all had a lovely time with your loved ones.
So, with that being over,  it's time to set some New goals. What better time is there to start? I'm
Not going to start with the whole "New year, new me" type cliches. This is more about little ways in which  to improve and be kinder to myself.

Less negativity

My god this is important. I have already been trying to live by this recently anyway so it's not exactly a new goal but one I want to continue with. Cut out as much negative as possible whether that be people or general things, places or anything that brings negative vibes to your life. Don't get me wrong, it's ok to be negative sometimes but when it's constant it's got to go. So for me, one of first steps to less negativity in to get rid of Facebook; I use social media mostly for inspiration and good vibes and Facebook does not bring me that so once I have figured out how to delete without losing my buisness page, it's going! 


When I want to scream, take a step back and breathe. I've lost my cool quite a bit and it doesn't help at all, in fact it makes things much worse. So remaining calm and taking a second to breathe And relax is a must.


Stay focused- don't go off track. Focus on business, motherhood, friendship and anything else that brings happiness. Keep the eyes on the prize.

Be more green

No I'm not turning veggie or becoming and gardener or anything drastic, I just need more greengage in my life. So if that just adding extra veg to my meals and  switching to the odd green tea then it's better than nothing. And to add to that- walk more. I do walk the school runs because it's not worth driving as I live so close. I mean proper fresh walks. Possibly pick up a coffee and some non green cake on the way will give me more of an incentive to go. I just don't have that excercise bug that many people do.  I don't have it and fed up of trying to force it and failing so this will have to do ;) 

Think less

I over think way too much which I know a lot of people do but to the point that it keeps me awake at night sometimes. So I will try to worry less about the silly things and shake them off and when I can feel it happening, as I said above BREATHE and reboot cus ain't nobody got that kinda time to waste.

So that about rounds it up. They're not major changes but just little steps to keep things going forward and to make 2017 a better one!

Happy new year to you and all of your families!

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