Sunday, 26 February 2017

Floral embroidery

Spring is on the way, I can feel it. March is almost here, the nights are getting lighter and my house is filled with tulips and daffs. Which brings me to the theme of this post- Floral embroidery. Yep that's right "florals in spring? Groundbreaking!" As Miranda Priestly aka Meryl put it ;) 

Even though it's predictable, it's predictable for a reason- it works! 

Embroidery is so on trend right now. Jackets, jeans, bags, dresses, shoes... Its all going on!

Images from Pinterest.

And heres a little embroidered loveliness of my own. This is one of those 'Insta famous' blouses that we all just have to have because... so pretty and its such a "me" top.

From Zara.

So, here are some of my fave picks.


Top left- Zara // Top right- New Look // Bottom left- Next // Bottom right- New Look.

Left- Topshop // Top right- New Look // Bottom right- Topshop.

Left- H&M // Right- Warehouse.

Shoes and Boots 

Top left- Office // Top right- New Look // Bottom left- New Look // Bottom right- New Look.

Top- ASOS // Bottom left- Office // Bottom right- New Look.

Other faves 

Dress- Zara // Skirt- Topshop // Bag- ASOS.

This is another Instagram famous dress.. Last year in black and this year in cream and dare I say better in cream? hmmm I think it may be! from Zara.

There we have it, all the floral, all the embroidery. I'm looking forward to spring dressin' and definitely looking forward to the blossom!

Thanks for reading! x

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Date night

February is here and that means Valentine's Day is upon us and so is "Date night". As I'm newly single (wow that was hard to write) I haven't had a Date night in a loooong time but that doesn't mean I don't love them. Whether it's getting dressed up and going to a nice restaurant and for drinks or staying in with a take away and film and cosying up on the sofa. Whichever you prefer I have outfit options for both! 

Going out

Bag- &Otherstories // Dress- Zara // Blouse- Topshop // Shoes- ASOS

Blouse- Topshop // Necklace- &Otherstories // Shoes- Office // Bag- Zara.

Blouse- &Otherstories // Shoes- Office // Bag- Zara // Jeans- Topshop

Floral dress- Zara // Black dress- River Island // Shoes- ASOS.


Top left- Topshop // Top right- Topshop // Bottom left- ASOS // Bottom right- Topshop.

There are some looks for Dinner and drinks with your valentine and not forgetting a bit of lace- Lace is always a good idea ;)

Now, for a night in. I love nothing more then a cosy night in; Pj's, snacks, movies, cocktails maybe? Sounds good yeh? And you don't even need to get dressed.. Well apart from some cute Pjs. Here are some options.

Staying In

Top left- Topshop // Top right- ASOS // Bottom left- ASOS // Bottom right- Hush Homewear.

Left- ASOS // Top right- Topshop // Bottom right- Mango.

So there are some Date night options. OR failing that, you could always scrap the whole thing and treat yourself ;)

Thanks for reading! x 

Saturday, 4 February 2017

The 5TH Fames Golightly review

So recently I was asked to collaborate with the lifestyle  brand that is the 5TH. They sell a range of fabulous watches, bags and recently sunglasses. Make sure you check the products out!

I chose to do a review on the Golightly:Havana sunglasses.

They're oversized, tortoiseshell with pink tinted lenses- seriously what's not to like? 

Anyone who knows me knows that I like a pair of statement sunglasses. I love how they can dress up an outfit. Epsecially when going for a basic look these shades can change that. Not to mention the amazing quality- lightweight, flexible, strong, hypoallergenic and complete with UV filtering. They also come with slim line and stylish case. And the gold trim around the lense just sets them off perfectly. I love them and can't wait for some sun just to wear these. They are oversized so if you prefer a smaller pair then you could always check out their other selections. 

I also have a treat for you- enter code 'jodie' to get 10% off. Now don't say I don't ever treat you ;) 

The 5TH top picks 

Here are some of my other faves from the 5TH 

Top left- here • Top right- here • Bottom left- here • Bottom right- here

There we have it, don't forget to check them out and code 'jodie' for that discount! 

Thanks for reading!