Saturday, 4 February 2017

The 5TH Fames Golightly review

So recently I was asked to collaborate with the lifestyle  brand that is the 5TH. They sell a range of fabulous watches, bags and recently sunglasses. Make sure you check the products out!

I chose to do a review on the Golightly:Havana sunglasses.

They're oversized, tortoiseshell with pink tinted lenses- seriously what's not to like? 

Anyone who knows me knows that I like a pair of statement sunglasses. I love how they can dress up an outfit. Epsecially when going for a basic look these shades can change that. Not to mention the amazing quality- lightweight, flexible, strong, hypoallergenic and complete with UV filtering. They also come with slim line and stylish case. And the gold trim around the lense just sets them off perfectly. I love them and can't wait for some sun just to wear these. They are oversized so if you prefer a smaller pair then you could always check out their other selections. 

I also have a treat for you- enter code 'jodie' to get 10% off. Now don't say I don't ever treat you ;) 

The 5TH top picks 

Here are some of my other faves from the 5TH 

Top left- here • Top right- here • Bottom left- here • Bottom right- here

There we have it, don't forget to check them out and code 'jodie' for that discount! 

Thanks for reading! 

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