Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Rustic summer style

Stripping it back a little for this post about Rustic summer style. By that, I'm talking very country'esque, vintage inspired. Cotton dresses, skirts and trousers, woven tops, basket bags, ripped jeans.... I'm thinking Very Courtney Adamo. I love to embrace my inner country girl during the summer, it's one of my favourite looks for summer...

The Look 

Images from Pinterest.

My Style

Ive teamed a simple tee (which I've tied in a knot) with striped linen trousers that I bought last year to create an effortless summer look.

Get some similar trousers here and here // Bag from Basket Basket // Sandals- ASOS old some similar items below // T-shirt- H&M
This look could also work with a ripped denim skirt or jeans or a cotton skirt. 

Get The Look

Here are some of my top picks to achieve the style.

Hat- ASOS // Top right dress- New Look // Bottom left dress- Zara // Sandals- ASOS.

Jumpsuit- ASOS // Jacket- Zara // Bag- Zara // Sandals- ASOS

Shirt- Olive Clothing // Bag- The Tipi // Jumpsuit- Mango // Sandals- ASOS.

Jumpsuit- Mango // Sandals- ASOS // Bag- Mango.

Top- New Look // Hat- Zara // Sandals- ASOS // Dress- Zara.

There you have it. I love all of these items. Not overly country, Ive left out the cowboy boots and tweed jackets but Great if, like me, you have an obsession for cotton floaty tops and sandals. 

Bring out your inner country gal! 

Thanks for reading! x

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