Thursday, 29 June 2017

Latest sale picks and buys

The sales are in full swing and so I'm bringing you my fave picks aswell and I few bargs I grabbed for myself. I have put myself on a current spending ban but that doesn't mean I can't share what I would like to buy with you right?! *goes and cries in a corner* 

So here goes.. 


Top left- Here // Top right- Here // Bottom left- Here // Bottom right- Here.


Top left- Here // Top right- Here // Bottom left- Here // Bottom right- Here.


Top left- Here // Top right- Here // Bottom left- Here // Bottom right- Here.

Top left- Here // Top right- Here // Bottom left- Here // Bottom right- Here.

New Look 

Top left- Here // Top right- Here // Bottom left- Here // Bottom right- Here.

Top left- Here // Top right- Here // Bottom left- Here // Bottom right- Here.

What I bought

All from H&M. I bought this top as it resembled the Realisation Par top however this came with a mesh piece that I cut offand sewed together. If you're thinking of doing this then you'll need to size up!

Click here.

I didn't actually buy this tunic as it wasn't in the sale when I tried it on but it is now- Yasss! Its a little see through so would probably need an under garment. And although its under "Tops" I would actually wear it as a dress or a beach cover up.

Click here.

Ive been searching for the perfect navy bomber for AGES and got this one for £8.49!

I can't find it online anymore- soz :( but hopefully in store?!

Lastly this dress was perfect for the 30 degree heat last weekand only £10. Great with sandals and some statement tassel earrings (see previous post)

Click here

So there you go... if I can't have it, you may aswell! 

Thanks for reading x 

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Tassel earrings

Tasseled earrings are a big trend right now. Worn casually with a t-shirt and jeans or with a simple dress, they can work with many looks. I think I've said before that I don't ever do earrings EVER! However I've been meaning to try a tassel for a while and so I did and I have converted.

The Look

Images fro Pinterest.

My Style

I can be quite the plain jane as my personal style is very simple and clean cut so a statement piece of jewellery is 'out there' so for me I would keep the rest of my outfit very minimal i.e. blouse or t shirt and jeans or a plain block colour dress. I wouldn't want too much going on. 
Blouse- H&M.

Khaki jacket- Topshop old similar here.

Grey T-shirt- Primark mens // White blazer- old similar here // Jeans- H&M // Shoes- New Look

Polka dot blouse- Mango old similar here.

I bought the very popular H&M pairs in both black and red however they're selling out fast so not available online but you ay find them in store.

Top Picks 

Here are some of my other faves.

Top left- ASOS // Top right- Zara // Bottom left- Mango // Bottom right- Topshop.

Top left- ASOS // Top right- Mango // Bottom left- ASOS // Bottom right- Mango.

So there we have it.. loving the tassel vibes and hopefully you are too! 

Thanks for reading! x

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Skinade review

First of all Hello June! How the actual Eff did that happen? Christmas was like last week! Anyway, I'm back on the blog after a short break and bringing you this review... So, I recently got asked to review the collagen drink "Skinade". Now I'm very sceptical about these kind of things but as I have always had trouble with my skin I decided to look into it and give it a go! I was given a 30 day supply which is one drink per day after a meal.. not too much hard work; I don't know about you but I'm too lazy to keep anything up if it's too time consuming so this was perfect for me.

Ive always had some problem with my skin. Nothing too major but I always have a dry patch here and there or an oily Tzone or a mini outbreak and I've always found my skin to be kinda dull.
However, I can honestly say Skinade has changed that. In all honesty I thought "oh it won't do anything, none of these things ever do" but after drinking the drinks for around a week my skin had such a glow to it and I had so many comments from women AND men saying how "glowing" I look.. no word of a lie and so I have to put it down to Skinade! As corny as it sounds it has boosted my confidence somewhat and that is always a good thing right?!

I won't spout too much about what it contains and what its meant to do as you can find that all on the website here  plus many reviews from people of all ages. Now, the price is a little higher than I would usually pay for something like this but in my opinion it is worth the money and it worked for me (that is not saying it will work for everyone) and I am more than happy with the product and this is coming from a sceptic. I will be buying more! 
 So, if you need a skin remedy- give it a go and if you do please let me know your thoughts :) 

Thanks for reading x