Thursday, 24 August 2017

Slogan Tee's

A massive trend at the moment is the slogan Tee. A very easy and everyday trend and can be worn with jeans, which is a bit of an obvious one, but also looks great with skirts or under dresses and blazers.

The Look

Plenty of gorgeous girls rocking the style in different ways here. Loving the floral dress combo.

Images from Pinterest.

And obvs Kate knows how to work it...

My Style

As I said in my previous post, my style is quite simple and clean cut so I would always choose to wear a T-shirt with jeans. Loving this one from Boohoo at ASOS.

Ok yeh, you get it... I like to wear this with all the jackets lol! Loving the blazer combo and even more so if the blazer were checked. Watch this space, I'm on the hunt for a checked blazer.. I did spot one in Primark last week so theres one option. Holla if you see one!

Get the Look

Here are my top picks!

Top left- New Look at ASOS // Top right- Topshop // Bottom left- New Look // Bottom right- H&M (not exactly a slogan but that lighting bolt speaks to me)

All Topshop; Top left- here // Top right- here // Bottom left- here //  Bottom right- here.

Also Topshop; Top left- here // Top right- here // Bottom left- here // Bottom right- here.

So, there is my top selection of slogan T-shirts . Topshop is a big one for this trend with lots to choose from and with some of them channelling the much loved Gucci Tee.

 I've said the word 'Tee' that many times that I'm going to actually have one!

Thanks for reading!

'Vogue'  T-shirt is from Ebay.

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  1. I love sloganT-shirts, they're simple, they look classy, they look good with almost everything in your wardrobe. Definitely a must for me!