About me

Hi there. My Name is Jodie or Jo whichever you prefer. 29 living in a small village in sunny Wolverhampton with my husband and two little boys Finlay (7) and Roman (3).

Lover of Fashion, Coffee, Home, Food, Town houses, Flowers, Weekends, Cocktails, Photography, Pinterest (the usual).

Huge Daydreamer and watcher of really bad TV shows.

I love blogs so I decided to start my own last year after much procrastinating. I share a lot of fashion inspiration along with some of my own looks. I also share some kids fashion, home bits 'n' bobs and I may do the occasional food/recipe post- Don't hold your breath for the last one though ;)

Thanks for reading guys and I hope you enjoy my blog!


*Disclaimer* I use affiliate links on my blog meaning that if you've purchased something I've recommended I sometimes make commission from that.

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