Thursday, 8 November 2018

Autumn loves

I'm back after a 7 month blog break. It's been a tough time... I've been in a toxic marriage and relationship for more than half of my life and this year (especially the last 7 months)  has been possibly the worst of my life. But cut a long story short, I'm out of it now and have finally broke free and starting to heal and it feels pretty good. The bad days are still there but out weighed by the good :)

And so, I'm back to talk about my favourite thing.... clothes and shoes and bags and all the superficial things you can think of ;)

Lets kick it off with some of my autumn faves and things I've got my eye on. Lots of greens, browns, yellows, deep reds, you know the usual.

Top Picks 

1. Topshop // 2. Topshop // 3. Zara // 4. H&M.

1. Zara // 2. Topshop // 3. Topshop // 4. Topshop.

1. Topshop // 2. Topshop // 3. Zara // 4. Zara.

1. H&M // 2. H&M // 3. &Other stories // 4. H&M.

1. &Other stories // 2. &Other stories // 3. H&M // 4. Zara.


I am desperate for some Dr Martens but they are a little out of my price range at the moment so here are some similar styles.

1. ASOS // 2. M&S // 3. New Look.


1. H&M // 2. Topshop // 3. H&M // 4. Zara.

There we have it. Some of my current top picks. Hope you like them too and are glad I'm back :)

You've all been so  great to me over the years I've written this blog and even more so in my times of sadness, Its so very appreciated. And I hope you continue to stick with me in the future. 


Monday, 9 April 2018

Recent buys and how to style them

I've made a few bargainous (yeh I've just made that up I think) purchase's over the last month or so, so I thought I'd bring them together in a blogpost with some advice on how I'd style them too. 
You are welcome! ;)

Lets start...

Green wrap blouse

I got this blouse in the H&M sale for £10.99. It is also very popular on Instagram in a dress form. The print and colour is beaut and very flattering. A great spring/summer buy. unfortunately its out of stock but is still available in the polka dot print here. 
Also, here is another alternative along with the kind of outfit I would style it with.

Top- New Look // Jeans (That I've also bought recently)- H&M // Bag- Topshop // Wedges- Topshop.

Polka dot wrap dress

This one I LOVE. Also from H&M (in fact most of what I've bought, is from H&M) and I had a voucher so I got it for £14.99 but is still only £19.99 which I think is a great price. This dress would be fab in summer for weddings or parties. Now I would size up, possibly TWICE because it can be very "booby' even if you don't have much tit, it will show them! I'd wear a black lace bra underneath as its a nice feature added to the neckline. I'd style with these items below for an evening- keeping it classic and simple. For daytime flat sandals in tan or black and denim jacket or white shirt tied at the waist. It would even look great with black high top converse or Doc martens and leather biker jacket or shacket for a festival  look. An all round great dress IMO.
Also  a bold red lip or pinky/corally colour (for me personally).

Dress- H&M // Bag- Mango // Shoes- ASOS // Lipstick- H&M.

Leopard blouse

Ok so everyone should probably own at least one leopard item. In this case I'm going with the leopard blouse. This one is from H&M at £19.99. I like it because it is long with a peplum hem which gives you options on how you want to wear it. I think out would be better for a more casual look with a flat mule and tucked in for a more dressed up style. 

*Tip* If you feel confident enough wear a black lace bra underneath and undo one more button than you usually would to add a subtle sexiness to the look and to make it  less "work like". And also add a bag with colour i.e. red or green.

Blouse- H&M (Grrr this particular blouse is not available now, its available in floral here or some similar leopard blouses here and here  // Jeans- Topshop // Bag- Mango // Boots- Topshop

Green jumper

I appreciate that we probably shouldn't be buying chunky knits in april but tbh I wouldn't buy this in the winter anyway as I wouldn't have a coat to go over it and I hate feeling all stuffy and heavy. So, I see this as a spring item as I would wear it with no coat and jeans and mules on those chilly spring days. Its gorge and oversized and in the sale for £17! 

Jumper- River isand // Jeans (as above)- H&M // Shoes- Topshop // Sunglasses (not available now but some similar)-  H&M.

Blue sweatshirt

I'm not sure if you know but I LOVE a sweat top. They're so comfortable and quite versatile I think. You literally could wear a sweat top with a pair of jeans or a leather skirt and it would still work in that effortless way.
I usually go for grey or black but I really loved this colour for spring/summer and it would look so good against a tan!
I'm looking to style mine with jeans, trench and high top converse (when I get some new ones).

Ps. I did also buy it in grey ;)

Trench coat- New Look (currently £10 off) // Sweatshirt- H&M // Jeans- H&M // Converse- Office (cheapest I could find them plus free delivery).

So thats it. Looking forward to spring/summer so I can switch up my wardrobe a bit and get out of my winter slump. I might even wear a bra again lolz! 

I hope you've enjoyed the post and thanks for reading! x

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Mother’s Day edit

Mother's Day is coming soon so time for a gift edit... 
Its  a bit of a random selection but things I like and hopefully your Mom will like or You would like... in which case send your other halves or kids this way. Or if you're anything like me just by your own present and get them to give it to you lol (such a mom thing to do).

So, here are some lovely bits...

Gift Ideas

Pyjamas- H&M (ok I cannot find the pjs now but i actually prefer the nightshirt)
Little things plate- Oliver Bonas
Book- ASOS 
Candle- H&M

Scarf- Warehouse 
Perfume- Chanel at John Lewis
Cup- H&M 
Book- ASOS

Teapot and mug- Oliver Bonas
Pyjamas- H&M
Trinket box- H&M
Bag- Zara

Cashmere jumper- Boden
Gloves- H&M
Book- Amazon
Flowers- Bloom and Wild 

Mother print- Etsy
Trinket box- H&M 
Book- Amazon

Yep I said it was random
Failing that, you could always take her for a sunday lunch or just buy a card. Us Mamas really don't want for much*

*except me, I need the stuff ;)

Thanks for reading! x

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Spring inspo

I'm back  after a break (quite a long break tbf *eyeroll*) and ready to talk all things pretty again. So, with that said....  this may be a little premature as its still bloody F-Reeezing outside but spring is coming  and I've been having a mooch at some springy items. Here are some faves I've come across....

Top Picks

Red blouse- H&M 
 Sunglasses- Zara 
 Bag- Topshop
 Jumper- H&M
Blue blouse- H&M

Top- H&M
Mules- Zara (sorry these don't seem to be available atm-
but keep your eyes peeled)
Sunglasses- H&M

Blazer- Topshop 
Blouse- Zara
Sunglasses- H&M
Boots- Topshop 

Silk shirt- Zara
Denim jacket- H&M
Hoody- Zara 
Bag- Topshop 

All of these pieces are great for the transition into spring. All work fab with jeans, coats and boots until the summer with shorts/skirts and sandals.

Its been a while since I blogged so I'm easing myself back in gently. I have been lacking inspiration which I feel happens a lot during the healing process- It can be very up and down at times. 
But with some spring vibes coming soon, we all good. 


Thanks for reading! x

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Parka coats

Quick post on parka's as I received lots interest on my 5 year old Topshop one that I posted on Instagram yesterday. 

As I said, I've had mine for 5 years which I bring out every winter so I see a parka as an investment and a wardrobe essential, especially in weather like this. But also for casual days with trainers and jeans. 

The Look

Images from Pinterest.

My Style

Wearing my old faithful Parka from Topshop yesterday (and probably everyday for the foreseeable) with oversized Zara jumper, black jeans, Hunter boots (available at Office) and bobble hat. Snow chic maybe?!

Top Picks

Top left- ASOS // Top right- Zara // Bottom left- H&M // Bottom right- Mango 

Top left- Uniqlo // Top right- Topshop // Bottom left- New Look // Bottom right- H&M

So that concludes the parka picks. Hope this has been of some help.

Thanks for reading! x

Monday, 4 December 2017

Let's Disco

Party season is upon us people and I've had so many ladies say to me how they just can't find the perfect dress for their christmas do- this including myself. I love dresses but rarely wear them so I always find it hard to get the right one to suit me... however I have out together a selection of my faves should they suit YOU!


Top left- click here // Top right- click here // Bottom left- click here // Bottom right- click here

Click here.


Top left- here // Top right- here // Bottom left- here // Bottom right- here


Top left- here // Top right- here // Bottom left- here // Bottom right- here.

Sister Jane @ ASOS.


Top left- here // Top right- here // Bottom left- here // Bottom right- here.

New Look

Left- here // Middle- here // Right- here.

Click here.

I tried and purchased the left dress (pictured above) and even though its lovely- I particularly like the top and neck part, it just didn't feel like 'Me'. I was happy to step out of my comfort zone Y'know as its christmas an all but you've gota feel like YOU haven't you?! So, it went back but if this is a bit of you, I would defo give it a try!


Top left- here // Top right- here (green sold out but black available) // Bottom left- here // Bottom right- here.


Top left- here // Top right- here // Bottom left- here // Bottom right- here.

*Final Tip* If going for a short shift dress I would wear a light denier tight with sock boots or heeled ankle boots. And if wearing a longer, tighter dress, I would go for a bare leg and thin strappy sandals to keep it elegant and classy... ok, not groundbreaking info but just my personal style preference :)

Now rememeber... get yourself a dress, get your sass on, grab a cocktail and work that shit!

Thanks for reading! x