Thursday, 27 April 2017

The oversized jacket

As I've said many times I'm a big fan of the oversized. And as far as I'm concerned, the bigger the better! I recently bought an uni sex oversized denim jacket which I'm loving and So easy to style.

The Style 

Images from Pinterest.

My Look

I like to wear mine with casual sportswear or with a double denim combo skinny jeans, cami and heels. I got this one from H&M UNI range in a size medium, however i can't find it online now but it is available here in a different colour. 

Leggings- Next // Trainers- Nike free run at ASOS.

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Here are some other jackets to achieve the look.

Top left- ASOS // Top right- Topshop // Bottom left- Next // Bottom right- Warehouse

So, a simple style and something everyone must have in there wardrobe.

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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Rustic summer style

Stripping it back a little for this post about Rustic summer style. By that, I'm talking very country'esque, vintage inspired. Cotton dresses, skirts and trousers, woven tops, basket bags, ripped jeans.... I'm thinking Very Courtney Adamo. I love to embrace my inner country girl during the summer, it's one of my favourite looks for summer...

The Look 

Images from Pinterest.

My Style

Ive teamed a simple tee (which I've tied in a knot) with striped linen trousers that I bought last year to create an effortless summer look.

Get some similar trousers here and here // Bag from Basket Basket // Sandals- ASOS old some similar items below // T-shirt- H&M
This look could also work with a ripped denim skirt or jeans or a cotton skirt. 

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Here are some of my top picks to achieve the style.

Hat- ASOS // Top right dress- New Look // Bottom left dress- Zara // Sandals- ASOS.

Jumpsuit- ASOS // Jacket- Zara // Bag- Zara // Sandals- ASOS

Shirt- Olive Clothing // Bag- The Tipi // Jumpsuit- Mango // Sandals- ASOS.

Jumpsuit- Mango // Sandals- ASOS // Bag- Mango.

Top- New Look // Hat- Zara // Sandals- ASOS // Dress- Zara.

There you have it. I love all of these items. Not overly country, Ive left out the cowboy boots and tweed jackets but Great if, like me, you have an obsession for cotton floaty tops and sandals. 

Bring out your inner country gal! 

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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Tropical Fashion

As it has been warming up lately and with Sunday being the hottest day of the year and all I think
It's time for some real summer fashion. I'm talking tropical; colour and bold prints. I don't  do bright  and prints too often but I am quite enjoying a hawaiin vibe of late.

The Look

Bold, bright and colourful!

Images from Pinterest.

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So here are some of fave items within the tropical vibe. 

Top left- Mango // Top right- Mango // Bottom left- Here // Bottom right- Zara.

All Zara. Kimono- Here // Pineapple bag- Here // Watermelon bag- Here.

Top left- New Look // Top right- ASOS // Bottom left- Stradivarius // Bag- ASOS (cant find the link arghh)

Trousers- Stradivarius // Blouse- Mango // Pumps- River Island at ASOS // Pineapple bag- ZARA.

Dress- Warehouse // Jumpsuit- Oasis at ASOS

Top left- Zara // Top right- Zara // Bottom left- Zara // Bottom right-Zara.

Bag- Zara // Shoes- Zara // Earrings- Mango 

So, lots of colour, lots of print, lots of pineapples. Most of the tops can be worn with some kind of short; I'm thinking ripped denim and strappy sandals, be it flat or heeled for evening. Or just a pair of jeans would do it. Im obsessed with the Zara kimono and that would look great with a simple tee and jeans or shorts. Oh and those beaded pineapple bags? I can't imagine my life without one of those now I've seen them. Will have to see if I can find a solid reason to buy it as I am super strict with my shopping these days- Its really quite dull :/ 
However, if you're going away any time soon you may want to step out from the grey and navy and give the tropical look a go!

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Sunday, 2 April 2017

Dungarees- yay or nay?!

I've had a few ladies say to me how they would love a pair of dungarees But don't know if they could quite pull them off and I've always answered "of course you can, anyone can" however something has shifted for me on the dungie front and I'm not quite sure that I can pull them off. I've had a pair for over two years and I loved them to begin with but when I tried them on the other day I though "oooh no, these are not working". What's that all about? Anyway, I tried a couple of styles and decided that dungarees with blouses is my favourite way to wear them. Dungarees are very boyish, child like feel which is probably why they don't work for everyone as not everyone enjoys that style. So, this is the best way to avoid that yet still achieving that quirky, stylish look. Even add heels and clutch bag for a more dressy evening look.

Blouse- Very // Dungarees (old- similar below) // Shoes- H&M.

Here are some other cool dungaree looks. T-shirts and Off the shoulder tops also work great.

Images from Pinterest. 

Top Picks

Top left- H&M // Top right- Zara // Bottom left- H&M // Bottom right- Topshop

Left- Boohoo // Right- New Look.

A few pairs there to choose from. I'm going to give my dungies another chance beforeI completely write them off. If you've been hesitating over them too, let me know what you decide :)

Thanks for reading! x