Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Gift guide for the ladies

Yep the panic is on, I can feel it. What does she want? What does she like? Well, I'm here to save you (sort of) and help you to find a nice gift or at least give you a guide.

First of all I'm going to talk about a couple of things I've had gifted to me from some lovely brands. I appreciate that I got these things for free but I honestly wouldn't big them up if I wasn't happy with them and I think they would make great gifts.

So, first up are these slippers from Morland Sheepskin. They are so divine and soft, literally heaven on your feet. Excellent quality- I love them!

Next up, I got sent this skincare regime from RosehipPlus. I didn't know too much about Rosehip oil prior to this gifted but I read up on it and it has a lot of benefits to the skin i.e. Moisture, anti ageing, scar treatment plus many more and obvs gives you a nice glow. I haven't been doing the regime for very long but my skin has no dry patches (and I always have dry patches) and it feels super soft. So far so good! 
In this package I received; Rosehip oil, cleanser, day cream, night cream and reshape oil roll on. But you can buy them all individually. Another great gift for someone who likes to try new skincare.

Lastly,  this beautiful flower subscription from Bloomon. I have already written a blogpost about this which you can read here. You can buy a gift card by going on to the website and selecting what size flowers you would like, how many deliveries you'd like to send and when you'd like them and all this will determine the price of the gift. I receive mine every fortnight for 3 months and I honestly really look forward to receiving my fresh bouquet every other friday so if you know some who loves flowers, I highly recommend this as a gift. 

*If you do go for this you can get a free gorgeous vase, worth £25 buy entering code 'jovase'*

More gift ideas

Top left- H&M // Top right- Morland Sheepskin // Bottom left- H&M // Bottom right- John Lewis.

Top left- H&M // Top right- Topshop // Bottom left- H&M // Bottom right- H&M.

Top left- UK Lingerie // Top right- Zara // Bottom left- John Lewis // Bottom right- H&M (no longer online, similar here.

Top left- H&M // Top right- Mango // Bottom left- ASOS // Bottom right- Amazon.

Top left- H&M // Top right- John Lewis // Bottom left- Amazon // Bottom right- New Look.

Top left- Amazon // Top right- Debenhams // Bottom left- Warehouse // Bottom right- ASOS.

Top left- H&M // Top right- Amazon // Bottom left- John Lewis // Bottom right- Majestic Wine

I hope that has given you some help... or better still your other half/family some help. Send them this way!

Thanks for reading x 

Monday, 27 November 2017

The humble hoody

We all love a hoody, I have no doubt that we all have one hung on the back of the door or slung on that chair thats covered in clothes, ready for when we get home, de-bra and shove on to get into comfy mode...right?!

 Well now the hoody is having a breakthrough and is not only for the house and the gym (and the hangover) it has now become somewhat of a fashion piece. And it looks so good!

The Look

Here is some street style inspo of it in action. I love this look so much, especially under a smart coat with trainers or boots.

The tip is to not over think it- Just throw it on under pretty much anything, add top layer i.e. coat/jacket and you're good to go!

Images from Pinterest.

My Style

I've gone for my usual day to day 'running around, getting jobs done' look and added my old Mango leopard coat to add style and it really works.

 This particular one is from Primark for £6 I think. However size up, possibly twice, as they come up so small (this is my excuse anyway :/ probe need to lay off the crisps too)

And here layered with a shirt and trench with heeled boots.

Top Picks

Top left- H&M (I can't find this online now but similar here) // Top right- Stradivarius at ASOS // Bottom left- ASOS // Bottom right- New Look.

Top left- H&M // Top right- Calvin Klein at Topshop // Bottom left- H&M // Bottom right- New Look.

So, there you have it. Dig out that hoody and try a new style. 

Thanks for reading! x

Saturday, 25 November 2017

M&S 'Try Tuesday' Campaign

I was recently asked if I would like to take part in M&S new campaign called 'Try Tuesday'. Its a personal stylist service available to everyone and is totally free! I thought it sounded fab and couldn't wait to give it a go. 

How it works...

So, you start off by answering a few details about yourself from your height, age, skin tone and body shape etc... to your day to day activities and what your personal style preference is and a few other specifications to ensure that they can understand your style and what you would like- this literally takes minutes.
Next, your personal stylist will take your information and find the perfect pieces for you. This will take a couple of days. My stylist was Alison, she was great and super attentive, checking in to see if I was happy with the selection and if their was anything I'd like to change. She came back to me with some fab outfits which suited my style perfectly, along with some tips on how to style them.

On my list was these blue velvet sock boots. I'm usually quite safe when it comes to footwear, I don't go for bold colour but Alison encouraged this with her great styling tips and so I went for them. 

Click here for the boots.

Get the Look

Style with these M&S faves to complete this look.

Trench coat- here // Jumper- here // Jeans- here.

So, if you feel like you need a little guidance with any aspect of your wardrobe, I urge you to try this service. Not only is it really easy, it is actually fun and enjoyable. 
Click here to give it a go and enjoy! 

Be sure to let me know how you get on.

Thanks for reading! x

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Black Friday Deals

So, as 'Black Friday' has already kicked off in some shops I've put together a quick post of my top picks. I will add more on friday when it officially begins so keep your eyes peeled.

Here are my current faves.


Up to 50% off.

Top left- here // Top right-here and similar here // Bottom left- here // Bottom right- here.


Up to 40%off selected shoes and accessories *Ends Tonight*
Top left- here // Top right- here // Bottom left- here // Bottom right- here.


Up to 30% off every department.


Top left- click here // Top right- click here // Bottom left- click here // Bottom right- click here.


Top left- here // Top right- here // Bottom left- here // Bottom right- here.

Jasper Conran 

Top left- here // Top right- here // Bottom left- here // Bottom right- here.

Miss Selfridge

Up to 50% off.

Top left- here // Top right- here // Bottom left- here // Bottom right- here.


50% off everything using code: CYBER50

Top left- here // Top right- here // Bottom left- here // Bottom right- here also the green is divine here.


Up to 30% off.

Top left- here // Top right- here // Bottom left- here // Bottom right- here.


20% off everything with code: WIN20

Top left- here // Top right- here // Bottom left- here // Bottom right- here.

New Look

25% off everything at the checkout.
Top left- here // Top right- here // Bottom left- here // Bottom right- here.


30% off everything with code: BLACK17

Top left- here // Top right- here // Bottom left- here (sorry can't find link but similar here) // Bottom right- here.

So there are some faves of my own. I had narrow it down a lot as there are loadsa great deals but my head hurts from it all but hopefully this has helped you a bit!?  :)

Happy Bargain Hunting! x

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Beautiful 'Bloomon' Campaign

The winter months are here. The days can be dreary and dark nights have started. And even though I love it, I struggle to find flowers that I like at this time of year (I'm all about the tulips and peonies). So, when Bloomon asked to send me a 3 month flower subscription I was bloody thrilled. 

I believe we all need flowers in our lives, they just make things that little bit better.

 Bloomon's flowers come directly from their growers, to your door to create those extra days of freshness.. and they really are beautiful and would make a fabulous gift for all flower lovers. 

So here's how it works; Simply choose buy a gift card and add the amount of deliveries you would like and your recipient can select their own bouquet style and dates they would like them delivered by adding their gift code. You can also get the hand blown vase (featured above-worth £25) FOR FREE with your first order by entering  code; jovase 

The delivery arrives standing upright in a box (in the vase, if you ordered it) in water and fully protected. Along with this fab book with tips on how to arrange and look after your flowers- I mean you can't really get it wrong with all the information thats provided. I feel like an actual florist now ;)

I took this pic one week on after I had a little re arrange and water change and they still look stunning!

Go to Bloomon to check them out.

All in all I've enjoyed faffing about with them and am much looking forward to my next delivery. 
Ps. Don't forget to enter code 'jovase' for your freebie. 

 Enjoy! x

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Shearling jackets- The IT winter coat

"Oh hasn't it gone cold" a phrase thats on repeat atm and rightly so because it has gone bloody cold. So, I've pulled last years Zara shearling jacket out which I couldn't wait to do. Shearling is such a massive trend right now and there are so many options on the highstreet. I love that you can wear almost anything with it and still look cool and stylish yet keeping warm and snug too. 

The Look

Images from Pinterest.

 My Style

I keep things pretty simple on a day to day basis. A lot of the time I'm in my "active wear" (yes I'm one of those Moms lol) in the hope that I might drag my arse to the gym. So I try and style my outfits around that and the shearling fits in pretty well with this look. Otherwise, I would be doing my usual jeans and boots combo- you can't go wrong really.

As I said before, I had the beige last year from Zara and loved it so much and got so much wear out of it, I wanted a black one. After some research I decided on the Tesco version. Its not as soft as the Zara one but is almost half the price and I'm all about a bargain. I suggest you size up (even twice) if you want it oversized.. which is how I like it.

Get the Look

Now, if you really want to go authentic on this look then get yourself to  a Vintage fair. I went to my local one at the weekend and there were so many proper vintage shearling coats that Del Boy would dream of.

Alternatively, here are my top highstreet picks.

Top left- Vero Moda at ASOS // Top right- Topshop // Bottom left- Zara // Bottom right- Stradivarius at ASOS.

Top left- New Look at ASOS // Top right- Boohoo // Bottom left- Matalan // Bottom right- Vila at ASOS.

Top left- M&S // Top right- New Look at ASOS // Bottom left- Matalan // Bottom right- Zara.

So there you have it. The shearling aviator jacket is my "IT" coat of the season.

Hope you enjoyed the post.

Thanks for reading x