Monday, 28 November 2016

It's good to be green

I love a bit of green, especially in Autumn/winter and when the festive season comes around. The emerald green comes out in full force. It's such a beautiful colour and really brings some 'chicness' to an outfit. 

Images from Pinterest. 

I really love it against navy or leopard ATM. 

Loving this jumper from Zara. Also, Jeans- ASOS • Coat- M&S • Shoes- Primark. 

Top green picks 

Coat- Mango • Top right jumper- H&M • Hat- New Look • Bottom right Jumper- Zara

Coat- Zara • Dress- Zara • Shoes- M&S • Bag- River Island

Jacket- Mango • Bag- H&M • Jumper- H&M • Fur stole- ASOS

So yes, loving the green vibes. Need to track down some emerald green nail polish, a couple more green jumpers and cry over the green fur coat that I do not need but want so much. 

Thanks for reading! X

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