Monday, 26 October 2015

Autumn Boys and Hand-me-downs

As the temp is starting to drop I have realised that Roman doesn't have a warm coat that still fits him so had to start the whole coat shopping process again. But then I had this amazing thought... I have two boys, one who was also three once and who has had many coats pass through his wardrobe so I thought I would see what Fin had tucked in the back of his wardrobe and I discovered his trusty wax Barbour- I told you it was an amazing thought.

Whilst I was rummaging I also came across his old Hunter wellies which are perfect in size too- it was a serious win. And look at that face! 

Get them both here. 

Left- Barbour • Right- Barbour at House of Fraser

Both available at Office. Click here for left and here for right

If you're not feeling the Hunters these are a few other lovely pairs of welly options. 

Top left- Next • Top right- Next • Bottom left- Joules at John Lewis • Bottom right- Thinsulate at M&S

Recent buys 

I have done a little Autumn boys inspo post but here are some of the knitwear I have actually bought. All highly recommended (andlook super cute). 

Top left- Next • Top right- Next • Bottom left- Zara • Bottom right- Matalan

Here is Roman loving the chevron clearly ;) 

Left- Zara • Right- Zara

And here is Mr Handsome aka Finlay in working his Zara jumper on a recent park trip- love it! 

So there we have it. Hand-me-downs are kinda great. It's becoming quite handy this brothers malarky! 

Have a great week 

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