Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Christmas jumpers- Fairisle vs Novelty

First of all can I just say HAPPY DECEMBER! Yep it's here. I've been holding back a little as I don't like to get too festive too soon but now it's Decmeber Christmas mode is fully turned on- yahhh! So expect a lot of Christmas goings on on the blog and most definitely on my Instagram account :)

So, with that in mind I'm going to kick off December with a post about Christmas jumpers. Now I love a Christmas jumper, I never used to bother but the passed couple of years the Aston household has really embraced the Xmas jumper hype. 
There are two types to go for really and that's a Fairisle or a Novelty. 


Last year I went for a bit of Fairisle from ASOS and I think I will be wearing the same this year. I love this jumper, it's a shame is only acceptable at Christmas. As its old here are a few current stock I've picked. 

Top left- ASOS • Top right- Dorothy Perkins • Bottom left- Next • Bottom right- Dorothy Perkins


And two years ago I went for novelty knit from Next. I don't particularly like Christmas pud but don't mind it printed on a jumper!
Here some other novelty jumpers. 

Top left- Topshop • Top right- New look • Bottom left- ASOS • Bottom right- Topshop

New look at ASOS

Ok so they're not totally over the top ridiculous and not something Noel Edmunds would be jealous of but they're still very cute and festive but without the cheese factor. Loving the Topshop sweatshirt- may need to purchase that on myself. 

All will look great with jeans and boots or sneakers or a skirt and tights if you're feeling a bit more dressy. 

Loving this look. 

Perfect for an evening look. From Dorothy Perkins. Dotty P's has some really great jumpers in at the min, be sure to check them out. 

For my boys 

Lastly and obviously my boys get involved. Here's what I have bought them. 

Top left- Next • Top right- Next • Bottom left- Next • Bottom right- Zara

Again a mixing up the novelty and Fairisle. The Zara jumper is gorgeous and here is the proof... 

My boy modelling it well and looking scarily old might I add. 
Shoes are Kickers which are available in my previous post here

And here is my other cheeky chap enjoying his Santa top which he proudly wore to nursery today. Yes it's Christmas but we will not be neglecting the stripes :) 

So there we go. Hope that's given you some Xmas inspo- My festive hat is firmly on for the next 3 weeks.

Thanks for reading, have a great week! 


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